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Adapt to the unknown, as the unknown adapts to you

Underzone is a new twist on the 'roguelite' genre, featuring procedural enemies built out of unique combinations of components. The game plays like an arcade shooter in which you must clear rooms of hostiles; however, over-reliance on certain weapons will also lead to enemy adaptation. This requires you to explore and rewards you for acquiring new items. The combination of both enemy and map procedural generation creates an exciting new challenge every time.

Welcome to the wasteland

In the 22nd Century an unexplained disaster has left London, UK, devastated. As the world looks on in disbelief patchy details emerge, but more questions than answers dominate the geopolitical sphere. As part of a military response effort quickly assembled by allied countries, you must remote-pilot an advanced robotic “Mole Class” mech beneath ground zero and into the city’s ‘Underzone’. Many survivors are trapped in this subterranean labyrinth and the crash site of an unknown object may hold the key to understanding the catastrophe. As you dig deeper you discover there is more to the ‘accident’ than meets the eye, and you are not alone in the subcity depths…


Underzone is the debut title from Strike Gamelabs: A single-player action roguelite for current generation consoles and gaming PCs. We are currently working on the game and are aiming for a Q2 2017 release.

It’s 'The Binding of Isaac' meets 'Super Metroid'


A new twist on the roguelite genre

Procedural enemies mean you never quite know what is waiting for you.

Take control of a unique mech

Transform to smash walls, dig through the ground, and blast your way to victory!

No two play sessions are ever the same

When you are airdropped into ground zero every run is a different 'slice' through the earth.

Use an arsenal of futuristic weapons

As enemies become resistant you must constantly find new ways and means of creating damage...